Cypriot puts up Abu Dhabi ‘monumental’ art display

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The landmark Reem Mall, Abu Dhabi’s new commercial gem, has been adorned with a work of art of monumental proportions, commissioned to Cypriot painter and art consultant Maria Ignatiou.

The impressive “Falcon’s flight” stands nearly 14 metres high and was chosen among a long list of works submitted by visual artists from around the world.

For the grandiose décor of the imposing Reem Mall, leading artists from around the world were invited to propose a work of art of monumental proportions, symbolising the Emirate’s vision for the future.

In collaboration with Preciosa Lighting, a leading manufacturer of Czech Bohemian crystals, represented in Cyprus by Kivotos Luxury Lifestyle, Maria Ignatiou and Preciosa’s design team created a giant chandelier made of Bohemian crystals, which today adorns one of the stately entrances of Reem Mall.

The art display is in the center of  Al Reem Island, the ultra-luxurious mall that cost $1.2 billion and has a total size of 260,000 sq.m., retail space of 190,000 sq.m., and 6,800 spaces for car parking.

“Since Bedouin times, falcons have deeply marked Emirati culture as a symbol of courage and nobility. The enchanting elegance of their journeys through the blue skies evokes awe and admiration,” said Ignatiou, explaining her inspiration for the work of art.

“Birds loyal to each other, form bonds that last a lifetime, carrying on their wings the unwavering family values. Their great lover, the first President of the United Arab Emirates was the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, under whose leadership the falcon reigned supreme as the symbol of the power and beauty of the Emirates.”

The fastest bird in the sky, fearless, imperious adn loyal, the falcon took in the hands of the Cypriot artist, Maria Ignatiou, the form of an ethereal crystal lamp, which like a flying sun dominates the high sky of Reem Mall, welcoming with glow and warmth the thousands of visitors to Abu Dhabi from all over the world.