COVID19: No need for stricter measures

On August 29, the COVID Scientific Advisory Committee will meet with Health Minister Popi Kanari to evaluate new data on whether the virus is making a comeback. Although the minister said: “There

Government mulling new relief measures

The government will introduce more measures to fence off the effects of persisting high inflation following news that interest rates will rise after the latest increase imposed by the European Central Bank.


COVID19: Health experts to assess new measures

An increase in new COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations have prompted Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela to call an extraordinary meeting with government advisors on the pandemic. Hadjipantela said in light of the COVID

COVID19: No tougher measures before autumn

No additional COVID-19 measures are expected over the summer, as scientists advising the government are concentrating on autumn, when they expect a rise in cases, possibly powered by a new variant. According

COVID19: Government mulls extra measures

Authorities will not hesitate to reinstate more COVID-19 measures following the reintroduction of face masks if cases continue to rise, Health minister Michalis Hadjipantela warned. “We are waiting to hear scientists’ feedback,

Cabinet to decide on cost-of-living measures

There were no decisions Friday on measures to buffer hiking inflation, diminishing Cypriots’ purchasing power, as the government postponed action until next week. Following the meeting on Friday, government spokesperson Marios Pelekanos

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