National Guard in MEDUSA military exercise

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The National Guard is participating for a sixth consecutive year in the multinational military exercise MEDUSA as part of the trilateral defence cooperation between Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt.

A statement by Defence Ministry said: “This exercise constitutes the culmination of the firm and upgraded military cooperation between the participating countries.”

Cyprus joins the exercise with the general support vessel ALASIA, one helicopter AW 139, an underwater demolition unit and officers of the Navy Command in the exercises’ headquarters.

The ministry said it provides joint operational training in various aeronautical exercises.

On the sidelines of the exercise, Defence Minister Charalambos Petrides had a telephone conversation with his Egyptian counterpart, General Mohamed Zaki, with whom he reaffirmed the excellent relations between the two countries and underscored the importance of the cooperation in maintaining security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

On Wednesday, the final phase of the exercise took place in the presence of the Cyprus National Guard Chief Lieutenant-General Democritos Zervakis, who congratulated the participants for the excellent organisation and execution of the drills.

“Participation in the exercise in combination with other training and operational activities, which are included in the targets of the National Plan under the pillar of Security and Rule of Law, prove that the National Guard’s fighting capacity and operational readiness are at a high level,” the Defence Ministry said.

“It confirms the response readiness in today’s requirements while ensuring the conditions for the successful management of tomorrow’s challenges.”

MEDUSA 12, which kicked off on Monday, lasts for several days in the Mediterranean Sea off Egypt.

Forces from Greece, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, and the US are participating in the drills.

The UAE, Bahrain, Jordan, Germany, France, Romania, Congo, and Morocco are there as observers.

The exercises fall within the framework of exchanging expertise and promoting military cooperation between Egypt and friendly states to face challenges in the Mediterranean region.