National Guard put through paces in ‘IRIS 2023’

The National Guard deployed all its personnel and active force in the Interdisciplinary Tactical Exercise ‘IRIS – 2023’ from 17-24 October, the Defence Ministry said. National Guard commander Lieutenant General Georgios Tsitsikostas

National Guard, US Navy conducted exercise

A naval exercise between Cyprus and the United States off the island’s coast involved advanced manoeuvres, technical drills and search and rescue operations using helicopters. In a statement, the National Guard said


National Guard, US Special Ops train together

The co-training of Special Forces personnel in the Special Ops planning, execution and information support procedures was the focus of a US-Cyprus small-scale army exercise. SOFEX GUARDIAN-2023, co-organised from 1-28 June by


National Guard in MEDUSA military exercise

The National Guard is participating for a sixth consecutive year in the multinational military exercise MEDUSA as part of the trilateral defence cooperation between Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt. A statement by Defence