Joint Cyprus-Israel military exercise hailed a success

Successful joint Cyprus-Israel three-day military manoeuvres codenamed ‘Iason 2020’ has enhanced the capabilities of the National Guard, the Defence Ministry said Thursday. The exercise was held from 14-16 September in the framework

Turkey warns of military drill off Cyprus

Turkey said it will hold a military exercise off Cyprus for the next two weeks, amid growing tensions over energy exploration rights in the east Mediterranean. The long-running dispute between Turkey and


East Med military drills off Cyprus wrap up

Joint naval and air exercises codenamed “Evnomia” with the participation of EU partners France, Italy, Greece and Cyprus wrap up on Friday south of the island’s coast. Naval surface vessels, submarines and


US to provide military training for Cyprus

The United States on Wednesday announced its intention to provide International Military Education and Training (IMET) to Cyprus from next year. “We plan to provide IMET to the Republic of Cyprus beginning