Cyprus, Greece, US military training exercise

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A joint training session on special naval operations took place in September between the Naval Command of the National Guard, the Armed Forces of Greece and the United States.

According to the National Guard, the joint military training took place on the land and sea area of ​​the Republic of Cyprus and with the participation of Special Operations Teams of the three countries.

The scenario included the execution of fire from high-speed boats and various types of shots from individual and group weapons.

They also practised the procedures for seizing a ship at sea, attacking a critical coastal installation using boats and rubber dinghies and training in urban warfare.

Joint training was attended by the National Guard Chief Lt. General Dimokritos Zervakis.

He noted the constructive cooperation between the trainees and congratulated the Special Operations Teams and the crews of the high-speed boats.

He pointed out the importance of cooperation between the three countries in defence and security in the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Joint training continues between Special Operations Teams of the Naval Command of the National Guard and their US Navy counterparts.

These sessions are part of the network of international collaborations that the National Guard has developed and are considered beneficial, as they allow soldiers to train together with corresponding Units of friendly countries.

“In this way, the level of education and interoperability is promoted while highlighting the excellent relations between the participating countries,” the National Guard said.