US sees importance of UN Cyprus envoy

President Nikos Christodoulides briefed US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about his initiative to resume deadlocked Cyprus problem negotiations, underlining the importance of a UN envoy. The Cyprus News Agency said

Corruption drains the economy

Corruption saps the economy, undermines opportunities for people trying to engage in legitimate business and public services and kills international investments, said US State Department official Richard Nephew. The Coordinator on Global


National Guard, US Navy conducted exercise

A naval exercise between Cyprus and the United States off the island’s coast involved advanced manoeuvres, technical drills and search and rescue operations using helicopters. In a statement, the National Guard said


Greek Americans slam US politician going north

The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) condemns last week’s visit by US Congressman Pete Sessions to the Turkish-occupied north. A statement by AHI said that Congressman Sessions is the first American politician to break with


Cyprus condemns US congressman’s visit north

The Foreign Ministry has condemned the visit of American congressman Pete Sessions to the Turkish-occupied north as illegal. Nicosia said it was a deliberate choice by the Texas congressman, disregarding United Nations

Government briefs US official on sanction busters

The US State Department official Erik Woodhouse is in Cyprus carrying additional evidence concerning sanctions on Russian oligarchs and Cypriot financiers assisting them. Woodhouse arrived on Wednesday on a two-day official visit

Minister in US to seal security agreement

Defence Minister Michalis Georgallas is in the United States to sign an agreement to integrate Cyprus’ National Guard into the State Partnership Programme (SPP). Turkey has denounced the defence training deal between


Congress members urge US curbs on Turkey F16s

Six US Congress members propose creating an oversight mechanism to ensure Turkey does not use new F-16 fighters to violate Greek sovereignty in the Aegean. A letter to Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken

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