New US ambassador hopes to boost relations

New US ambassador pledges to bolster blossoming defence and security ties with Nicosia as bilateral relations gain new momentum. President Nicos Anastasiades received Tuesday at the Presidential Palace the credentials of the

Objects shot down by US, not alien

President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), George Danos, highly doubts that the objects shot down by the US army are of extraterrestrial origin. He told CNA they are most probably

US-Cyprus in crisis response exercise

Cyprus and the US are conducting a joint military exercise on the island codenamed ‘Silver Falcon 23’ until 24 February. The exercise is held in cooperation with the US European Command (USEUCOM),


Wrike move for US tech firm

Authorities have welcomed the decision of US-based work management company Wrike to establish a local presence which recognises Cyprus’ growing reputation as a “tech island” in Europe. Wrike, the California-based provider of

US ready to help if disaster strikes

In case of a disaster, the United States stands ready to lend its support, resources, and expertise to Cyprus, US Ambassador Judith Garber assured. During the emergency Disaster Equipment handover at Larnaca’s

US facing energy crunch

A new note from research consultancy Energy Aspects cautioned that US crude oil output from shale basins could peak in 2024. The note referenced five crude oil producers in the US considering

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