Thinking of changing your GP? Do it now

1 min read

Beneficiaries of the General Health System who are not satisfied with their General Practitioner should act now, as, at the end of the month, they will only be able to change doctors after 12 months.

The Health Insurance Organisation (HIO) informed the public that as of 31 August, they will now have to wait a year before being allowed to change their GP instead of the current six-month rule.

Furthermore, the beneficiary will be obliged to state the reason why they wish to change their doctor.

As the HIO announced, if the patient wishes to transfer to another GP, they must declare the change through their GHS online account.

Beneficiaries will have to click on the Management of General Practitioners option and choose their new doctor from the list of available doctors.

The system will then prompt them to give their reason for wanting to do so.

If the switch is done at the GP’s office taking on the patient, they will have to fill in the online form on behalf of the beneficiary, again stating the reason for the change.

In both cases, GPs will be informed of their patient’s decision to change doctors.