COVID19: 6 new deaths, cases continue to fall

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Cyprus reported six new coronavirus deaths in the past week, raising the toll since the pandemic started to 1,149, while new cases dropped further to 3,611 and hospitalisations inched up to 84.

New cases dropped from last week’s level of 5,472, while hospitalisation rose from 71 a week ago.

The health ministry said in its weekly Covid-19 bulletin that four men died aged 77 to 95, and two women, 72 and 83, the first deaths recorded for August, up from the three deaths reported the previous week.

Critical cases rose by one to 11, with six intubated patients, one less than last week.

Three patients, still considered post-Covid, have shaken off the virus but remain intubated and in a serious state.

The total of all coronavirus infection cases since the pandemic started in March 2020 rose to 562,911.

Daily rate closer to 500

The past week saw 3,611 new cases, about 1,800 less than previously, with the average daily rate dropping from 781 to 515.

Testing continued to drop to 70,602 PCR and rapid antigen tests conducted during the past week, 14,000 fewer than the week before.

The benchmark ‘positivity rate’ was also lower at 5.11%, down from last week’s 6.48%, having spiked to a year-high of 13.42% three weeks ago.

Meanwhile, health authorities have ditched the last remaining state COVID-19 testing points at shopping malls and supermarkets, arguing experts have a clear image of the virus in the community from tests at labs and pharmacies.

Free government testing sites will still be available at state hospitals to cater to visitors, as regulations stipulate that a 24-hour negative COVID-19 test is necessary for everyone, regardless of their vaccination status.