Hotel Easter stays reached 60%

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Hotel stays during the Greek Easter holidays reached 60% of capacity, with signs tourist flows this summer will be better than last year.

The hope tourist flows that started during the Easter holidays will continue on an upward trajectory was expressed by Director General of the Cyprus Hotels Association, Philokypros Roussounides.

He told CNA there had been tourism movement in April, mainly in the Paphos district and the mountainous areas, where bookings, on average, are expected to reach 50% of the overall capacity this month, while stays during the Easter week were at around 60%.

Roussounides said hotel bookings were lower in other districts like Larnaca and Limassol.

Tourist arrivals are expected to gradually increase as the weather becomes warmer.

There was almost no tourist traffic in the first half of last year due to coronavirus restrictions.

“Judging by the first half of 2021, I think we are at a better level, and we hope this trend will continue in the coming months so we can achieve our goal this year, which is none other than having a better year than the previous one,” Roussounides said.

The head of the Paphos Hotels Association, Thanos Michaelides, said that hotel bookings reached 60% of capacity with more British and local tourists during the Easter holidays.

Other foreign visitors came mainly from Poland, Germany and Israel.