Consumers heading for Easter price jolt

Cypriots can expect an Easter shock as food prices rise, according to the latest survey by the Consumer Protection Service, while market stakeholders warn of further hikes. According to the Commerce Ministry’s


Bonfires of the insanity

Cyprus is considered a crime averse country where your property and well-being are relatively safer than many other countries in Europe. Cypriots like to pride themselves that youngsters are safe from predators;


Hotel Easter stays reached 60%

Hotel stays during the Greek Easter holidays reached 60% of capacity, with signs tourist flows this summer will be better than last year. The hope tourist flows that started during the Easter holidays will


Easter table is 20% more expensive

Cypriots celebrating a traditional Easter feast at home are paying 20% more to put a spread on the table than last year, said the government’s consumers’ protection service. In comments to state

Bases police issues Easter banger warning

A Greek Cypriot man from Xylotymbou will appear before a British Bases court in Dhekelia on May 10 after being arrested for possession of 40 Easter bangers, riding a motorcycle without a