Tourism gets President’s support

It matters when the tourism sector faces enormous challenges. In the early years when tourism became an industry, many called it the hen laying the golden eggs. In the 1970s and ’80s,


Best tourist season since 2019

Tourism Minister Costas Koumis says there are “very good numbers” this tourist season, exceeding Cyprus’ target of a 5% to 10% annual increase in tourist arrivals. His Deputy Ministry is collaborating with the


May tourism revenue jumps 40.7%

A substantial annual increase of over 40% was recorded in tourism revenue for May as holiday arrivals climbed. According to the official data, tourism revenue in May – when 420,000 tourists arrived


Retail, tourism driving GDP growth

Annual Gross Domestic Product generated €6.2 bln in the first quarter of the year, showing an increase of 3.4%, bolstered by the retail sector and tourism revenue. Based on seasonal and working


Cyprus-China build tourism ties

Cypriot and Chinese officials held a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism to further strengthen the cooperation between Cyprus and China in the travel sector. Tourism Minister Kostas Koumis and Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism of China


Tourism on course for record year

Robust growth in tourist arrivals and revenues this year will offset losses the economy may suffer from sanctions on Cyprus’ services sector, according to initial Finance Ministry estimates. As reported by the


Tourism revenue spikes 50% in Jan-Feb

Income from tourism reached €102.2 mln in January and February, easily surpassing the €67.8 mln revenue from tourists in the first two months of last year. Based on the results of the

Tourism revenue spikes 60%

Income from tourism reached €45.6 mln in January, easily surpassing the revenue from tourists last year and 2019, which set a record for Cyprus. Based on the results of the Passenger Survey

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