Euro Parliament wants Turkey EU accession frozen

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The European Parliament has called for Turkey’s EU accession process to be suspended in a hard-hitting report that condemns aggression against Greece and Cyprus.

Its report on Turkey recommends the “formal suspension of accession negotiations with Turkey.”

“For both sides to review in a realistic manner and through a structured and comprehensive high-level dialogue, the appropriateness of the current framework and its ability to function, or, if necessary, to explore possible new models for future relations”.

Observers said the report is probably the toughest ever in its criticism of the situation in Turkey.

The MEPs called on Turkey to credibly demonstrate the sincerity of its commitment to closer relations with the EU.

Turkey’s lack of political will to carry out reforms assumed in the accession process and its failure to address the EU’s serious concerns on the rule of law and fundamental rights have negatively affected the accession process, the report said.

The EP noted “unilateral actions in the Eastern Mediterranean and “strong and provocative” statements against the EU and its Member States have brought EU-Turkey relations to a “historical low point”.

“Having deteriorated to such an extent that it requires both parties to profoundly reassess the current state of these relations and their framework.”

On Cyprus, the EP “is deeply concerned by Turkey’s unprecedented illegal behaviour in the Eastern Mediterranean conducted by an EU candidate country against the EU Member States, and by the related security and stability risks.”

It “strongly condemns Turkey’s illegal activities in Greek and Cypriot waters, as well as its violations of the Greek national airspace, including overflights of inhabited areas, and its territorial sea.”

Ankara rejected the European Parliament’s “unilateral and biased” 2019-2020 report on Turkey, calling it “unacceptable”.