Turkey chided for East Med meddling

Turkey was criticised by the leaders of Egypt, Greece, and Cyprus for military meddling from Libya to the Caucuses, as well as aggressive oil and gas exploration in foreign waters, during a


EU: Turkey actions spark regional tensions

EU Foreign Ministers Tuesday called for a reversal of the Varosha opening while voicing disappointment over Turkey rebooting its East Med energy search. The EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell who chaired the


Cyprus FM to brief EU on Turkey escalation

Cyprus Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides will on Monday brief his EU counterparts about Turkey illegally opening fenced-off Varosha as well as sending a research vessel back to the eastern Mediterranean. Turkey has


Turkey turns up the heat on Cyprus

By Ravi Bangar Cyprus, strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean, which Henry Kissinger described “as a stationary aircraft carrier in the middle of the sea”, is again in the news due to


Biden urges Trump to restrain Turkey

US Presidential candidate Joe Biden called on the Trump administration to address the tensions between Greece and Turkey to ensure no further provocative actions from Ankara. Biden expressed support to the efforts

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