Euro Parliament begins Cyprus spyware probe

A delegation from the European Parliament’s inquiry committee to investigate the use of Pegasus software (PEGA) and equivalent surveillance spyware launched a joint mission in Cyprus and Greece. The fact-finding mission seeks to establish a


Damaging the law of the land

It’s been a year since the new parliament was elected, and with it a breath of fresh air, as at 36, Annita Demetriou is the first female and youngest member serving as


Improving our flawed democracy

In a democracy, one must use process and procedures and the voting system to get things done. One would have hoped that our House of Representatives and our elected MPs would have


UK-Cyprus ties ‘stronger than ever’

Britain-Cyprus bilateral ties are stronger than ever as they strengthen traditional relations in education, defence and culture, said visiting UK House of Commons speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle. “Our relations with Cyprus are


Justice reform shot down by Parliament

Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis blasted MPs after parliament rejected a series of bills she submitted to reform a dysfunctional Cyprus justice system, accusing Opposition parties of acting in their own interest. The