Government hails budget approval

President Nikos Christodoulides welcomed Thursday the approval of the Cyprus state budget for 2024, noting that “the House’s decision reflects a responsible act and serves as a milestone in the government’s effort


Parliament condemns Hamas attack

The House of Representatives approved in favour by majority vote a resolution condemning Hamas’ attack on Israel. The resolution passed on Thursday with 34 votes was tabled by the parliamentary groups of


EU Parliament tells Nicosia to combat spyware

The European Parliament has adopted the findings of an inquiry commissioned to investigate the use of surveillance software among EU member states, which implicated Cyprus as an export hub for spyware. MEPs

Italian parliament supports EastMed pipeline

The Italian parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee called on its government to work with the countries (Cyprus, Greece and Israel) involved in the EastMed gas pipeline to assess its development prospects. According to

E-basket in parliament

A bill regulating a new digital platform for monitoring retail prices, known as the e-basket, was discussed at the House Commerce Committee on Tuesday. The new digital platform aims to support the

Euro Parliament begins Cyprus spyware probe

A delegation from the European Parliament’s inquiry committee to investigate the use of Pegasus software (PEGA) and equivalent surveillance spyware launched a joint mission in Cyprus and Greece. The fact-finding mission seeks to establish a

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