COVID19: Police fines drop sharply as Cyprus exits lockdown

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Police spot fines for violating COVID-19 measures declined significantly in the last 24 hours as Cyprus exited a two-week national lockdown.

A police spokesperson told CNA that citizens being fined declined to 35 in the last 24 hours ending on 06:00 Tuesday, compared to 121 the previous day.

Furthermore, fewer police checks declined by half to 4,847 as hospitality and non-essential shops were allowed to reopen.

The largest number of fines, namely 14, was for breaking the curfew that now beings at 11 pm until 5 am the next day.

There were also eight fines for non-use of face mask in public spaces; 7 were associated with not wearing face masks in a vehicle.

In Nicosia, a total of 1,640 checks were carried out with one individual cautioned; in Limassol, 332 checks saw 12 individuals fined; in Larnaca, five citizens were reported following 633 checks; in Paphos, 850 checks were carried out with 10 people reported, in Famagusta 5 individuals were fined following 607 checks.

Traffic police carried out 114 checks with one individual reported, while the Marine and Port Police carried out 121 checks with no fines issued.

Police can also fine people for not possessing a safe pass to access shops, hospitality and gyms or other venues where people congregate.