COVID19: Cyprus’ post-lockdown coronapass landscape

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Cyprus has abolished movement by text message while also introducing a coronapass to access gyms, shopping malls and hospitality from 10 May while allowing limited social gatherings.

The new measures and so-called coronapass are valid until 31 May.

Gatherings are allowed in public areas (parks, squares, excursion sites, dams, beaches, marinas, provided the number of people does not exceed 10, including children.

Home visits allowed, but a residence must not exceed 10 people, including children.

The daily curfew has also been shortened, starting at 11 pm instead of 9 pm until 5 am the next day.

Schools will remain open with the physical presence of students who will have to present a weekly rapid test.

Gymnasium, Lyceum students, will have to present a negative rapid test valid for 72 hours on the first day of class.

Outdoor dining is allowed for restaurants, taverna, cafeterias, pubs, snack bars and bars, coffee shops and shops within shopping malls and canteens.

Those dining will have to present a Coronapass.

From 1 June, indoor dining will be allowed.

Church services and other forms of religious worship is allowed provided persons attending present a Coronapass; only up to 50 people are permitted until 16 May.

From 17 May, the maximum physical presence of worshippers will stand at 30% of the premises’ capacity, with the necessary coronapass presentation.

From 1 June, believers are allowed with a maximum physical presence of 50% capacity with the necessary Coronapass.

What constitutes a Coronapass:

  • A negative COVID test (PCR /rapid) with 72-hour validity
  • Vaccination of at least one dose and three weeks after it was administered
  • The individual has contracted the virus in the last six months

Sit down weddings and christenings are allowed until 16 May with up to 10 people, including children.

From 17 May, these gatherings will be allowed only outdoors with up to 200 people and the presentation of a Coronapass.

Cocktail parties are prohibited.

From 1 June, indoor dining is allowed based on the agreed timeframe and with a Coronapass

Similarly, weddings, funerals and christenings are allowed with up to 10 people until 16 May.

From 17 May, the maximum number of people allowed is 200, provided it does not surpass the 30% capacity and the presentation of a Coronapass.

Visits to hospitals, clinics, medical and diagnostic centres are allowed with the presentation of a negative PCR test performed within 48 hours.

The operation of open-air and indoor theatres, amphitheatres, cinemas, performance halls is permitted with a maximum of 50 spectators and subject to a Coronapass.

After 17 May, capacity in indoor areas should not exceed 30% and 50% for outdoor areas, while from 1 June, the capacity in indoor areas is increased to 50%. A  Coronapass is necessary.

Markets will operate with 50% capacity and 1.5 metres distance between shoppers, according to protocol and without a Coronapass.

Mass gatherings, demonstrations, parades, concerts, festivals in public and private areas and fairs are prohibited.

Shopping malls can operate provided shoppers present a Coronapass.

The remaining retailers can open provided they observe the measure of 1 person per 10 sqm of working capacity for shops below 1,000 sqm and a Coronapass for big stores only.

The operation of hairdressing salons and beauty centres is permitted without a Coronapass.

Gyms, dance schools and other sports’ academies operating until 30 April can re-operate provided those attending can present a Coronapass.

Betting shops can reopen provided they observe the measure of 1 person per 10sqm without seated indoor areas. Seating is allowed outside without a Coronapass.

Casinos remain closed until 17 May but reopen with a 30% capacity and a Coronapass and 1 June with a 50% capacity.

Swimming pools can reopen for training purposes, access to beaches without presenting a Coronapass.

All study groups, sporting and social gatherings for children under the age of 18 are allowed, while extracurricular activities in indoor areas are allowed with a mandatory rapid test every week is necessary.

The operation of night clubs, event venues, discos, clubs, music, and dancing venues is suspended.

Open-air and indoor playgrounds,  luna parks and thematic parks can open on 17 May, only outdoor areas but no social gatherings (birthday parties).

Conferences and exhibitions from 17 May can re-operate at 30% capacity, and no cocktail parties allowed.

From 1 June, capacity is increased to 50%, participation in conferences requires a Coronapass.

Visits to nursing homes, hospices, hostels, day centres, and child protection units are allowed subject to a Coronapass.

Camping areas remain suspended.

Hotels are open from 10 May, for accommodation, with the presentation of a Coronapass.

Companies until 16 May, the physical presence of 30% of their staff remains, with a maximum number of employees reaching 50 per establishment and a minimum of 5.

From 17 May, the physical presence of up to 50% is allowed.

In private hospitals, surgeries are allowed with up to 80% bed coverage except for ICU, which should have a ceiling of 60% occupied beds.