COVID19: Supermarkets want employees vaccinated

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The Cyprus Supermarket Association is calling on the Health Ministry to prioritise their customer-facing frontline staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine without further delay.

In an announcement on Tuesday, the association said its supermarket employees, who have been on the front line from the first day of the pandemic serving the public.

As they are in constant contact with many people, posing a greater risk, they should be given priority.

“This would add a significant layer of protection in the struggle to bring the pandemic under control,” said the association.

“Despite our calls to the competent ministry and the minister himself since January, to give priority to frontline workers of the retail sector, as they are in contact with the general public daily, nothing has been done,” reads the statement.

The association said it hopes this time around, the ministry will respond.

Health Ministry spokesperson Margarita Kyriacou said a committee looking into requests from professional groups to get vaccinated had been set up under the auspices of the Finance Ministry.