New wave of price increases

Supermarkets and retailers have signalled a new wave of price hikes on commodities, especially foodstuffs, as goods importers are considering adjusting their invoices quoting increased costs. Marios Antoniou, general secretary of the


Supermarkets reject fixed ‘household basket’

Supermarkets oppose the government’s latest intervention to control prices of essential goods amid rising inflation, which is driving the cost-of-living crisis. The Cabinet on Tuesday had greenlighted a bill that obliges supermarkets

Only PDO halloumi on supermarket shelves

Supermarkets can only sell halloumi, produced under the EU-approved Product of Origin file, as the Agriculture Ministry launches inspections at stores. In comments to the Cyprus News Agency, the head of the

Business as usual, say supermarkets

Supermarkets expect no goods shortages as the Ukraine war has not created dents in Cyprus’ supply chain, while competition is keeping prices in check. The executive secretary of the Pancyprian Supermarkets Association,

Consumers brace for ‘perfect storm’

Consumers have been told to brace for a ‘perfect storm’ on prices of essential goods, particularly food and fresh produce, as an increase in demand following the pandemic, rough weather conditions and


COVID19: Supermarkets want employees vaccinated

The Cyprus Supermarket Association is calling on the Health Ministry to prioritise their customer-facing frontline staff to get a COVID-19 vaccine without further delay. In an announcement on Tuesday, the association said