Cyprus promotes ‘blue careers’ to school students

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The Deputy Ministry for Shipping has launched a video to raise awareness about the shipping sector’s ‘blue economy’ to high school students, potential cadets at maritime academies and future managers.

The brief video, “Sea… Your Horizon” aims to encourage students in the upper high school first and second Lyceum years to choose a career in the maritime world, which in Cyprus accounts for about 7-8% of GDP.

Several shipping related courses are now available in local universities that incorporate law, management, and accounting, while a handful of dedicated maritime academies offer vocational marine training, some including on-board internships.

In the video, Deputy Minister Vassilis Demetriades joins high school students who talk about the advantages and market-leadership that the Cyprus Flag and the island’s maritime cluster offer, and concludes with, “Let’s get acquainted.”

The campaign will also include on-site visits to the Deputy Ministry, leading shipping, and ship-management companies, and boarding ships anchored in Cyprus ports.

Demetriades will be spearheading visits to high schools to promote the video as well as ‘blue careers’ to students.