Health service received 43,448 patients in first six months

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A total of 43,448 patients have received hospital care services in the first six months of inpatient care incorporated in the landmark General Healthcare System.

According to the Health Insurance Organization (HIO) data, 8,800 patients underwent general surgery, 2,000 had orthopaedic surgery, and there were 3,000 births.

Some 2,200 patients on long-term waiting lists underwent open-heart surgery, and 1,600 cancer patients received inpatient care services.

After 18 months of operation, the national health system operates with more than 70% of active doctors in Cyprus and more than 88% of beds on a nationwide basis.

Also, the participation of laboratories and pharmacies is almost 100% and 95%, respectively.

To date, 853,422 beneficiaries have registered with the GHS and have registered with GP, 756,440 have visited their doctor, 574,007 have visited a specialist doctor, 333,080 have seen specialist doctors for diagnostic examinations.

Some 606,083 beneficiaries have received prescribed medicines, 52367 have gone to a lab, and 43,448 patients have received inpatient care services from June to December 2020.