Patients fuming over worsening health service

Patient organisations are fuming over a drop in the quality of health services as complaints regarding treatment received from hospitals and medical professionals pile up. According to the Patient Observatory of the

Patients claim abuse of GHS by doctors

Complaints over abuse of the General Healthcare System payments are rising, as specialist doctors charge patients at a higher rate instead of the GHS fee, according to patient associations. According to a

Outrage over bedridden patients tied down

The Federation of Patients’ Associations (OSAK) is angered at reports of patients being mistreated at state hospitals, including being tied to their beds. Families complained that they found their loved ones tied

Who cares about patient rights?

State doctors’ demands and the Health Ministry succumbing to pressure, especially in an election year, suggests that patient rights have been thrown out with the bedpan. The public watches with awe the


COVID19: Five deaths, patients, cases decline

Cyprus reported five coronavirus deaths on Saturday, with new cases dropping 14.68% to 2,120, while hospitalisations were lower at 180 for the fourth day running. The number of critical patients also dropped

Patient backlash at fat cat GHS doctors

Cyprus patient organisations are fuming over a small number of specialist doctors raking over €500,000 a year from the General Healthcare System, while there is limited access to vital drugs. In comments

COVID19: 90% ICU patients infected with Delta

Despite the dominance of Omicron, the Delta variant is still spreading in the community, responsible for most of the serious COVID-19 cases needing intensive care. According to the State Health Services Organisation

COVID19: ICUs feeling strain as patient numbers rise

Cyprus’ health system is under pressure from rising numbers of COVID and non-coronavirus patients, dangerously filling up hospital Intensive Care Units. In comments to Phileleftheros daily, the State Health Services Organisation (OKYPY)

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