Cyprus funds home energy drive

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Cyprus is launching schemes in a bid to meet its EU 2030 environmental targets set in its national Climate Plan 2021-2030 which includes subsidies for making homes more energy-efficient.

The EU has committed itself to a clean energy transition, which will contribute to fulfilling the Paris Agreement targets on climate change and provide clean energy to all its citizens.

Cyprus by 2030 should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40%, increasing energy efficiency by at least 32.5%.

In a bid to meet its energy efficiency goal, the Energy Ministry has presented EU co-financed plans to upgrade homes, making them more energy-efficient.

Speaking at an online conference earlier this week, Energy Minister Natasa Pilides announced plans to subsidise Home upgrading projects with €30 mln in 2021 and €70 mln over a seven-year period 2027.

In the first phase, €30 mln will be allocated to cover the purchase and installation of materials and equipment for energy efficiency.

Eligible actions covered by the Plan include consulting services, thermal insulation of the home, replacement of windows, installation of shading systems.

An additional €7-8 mln a year will be given as grants to people who wish to upgrade their energy infrastructure, such as installing photovoltaics, storage batteries, replacement of technical systems.

“We’ve seen that renovations and upgrades in Cyprus are moving forward well as part of the movement towards going green. Accordingly, we will do our best to speed up the processing of applications,” Pilides said.

The plan “Saving Energy – Upgrading Homes” aims to help homeowners, living permanently in Cyprus, make their residence more energy efficient.

It also addresses owners of flats in apartment buildings but will require a single application submitted on behalf of all flat owners.

For both residences and apartment buildings, only one grant may be applied for per building.

Pilides said that a large number of people have already exhibited an interest in the schemes.

A ministry official said that applications for the schemes will be made online, at a platform to be prepared, where interested parties can access applications that will calculate the funding they would be eligible for.

The grant available covers 60% of the total project while vulnerable consumers could benefit from 80% state funding.

The residences for which the application is submitted must meet the following eligibility conditions:

  • An electricity supply account from the EAC with household pricing.
  • The application for planning permission must have been submitted before 21 December 2007.
  • The residence must be located in areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Homes located in areas of the British Bases are not covered by this Plan.
  • The energy efficiency category of the house must be “C” or lower according to the labelling system established by EU Directive 92/75/EC.
  • The applicant must not have received a grant through the Plan “Saving Energy – Upgrading Homes” of FP 2014-2020 or from the Fund of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving for the same eligible costs.