A pivotal moment for investment funds

The 36th annual conference of the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), held in Cyprus from October 23 to 25, concluded with resounding success. Regarded as one of the premier global forums in


Investment Funds inject €3 bln into economy

Total assets invested in Cyprus have surged to a record-breaking €2.9 billion, marking a significant milestone and amplifying the sector’s role in fortifying the country’s economic expansion and diversification. The Cyprus Investment

Record number of investment funds

A significant increase of 12.6% was recorded in the first quarter of 2023 in the assets under management of the Cypriot Investment Funds, compared to 2022, says the Cyprus Investment Funds Association

UCy accused of wasting public funds

The University of Cyprus has come under the microscope of Auditor General Odysseas Michaelides, who pin-pointed financial waste and employment of an academic convicted for corruption. In his latest report on the

Distribution Policy: Funds v Companies

Alternative Investment Funds have consistently been selected as asset managers’ and investors’ preferred vehicle for investments. In the eyes of many, alternative investment funds have developed to represent the evolutionary immediate of


Cyprus can weather economic challenges

Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides believes Cyprus can tackle the new risks and challenges stemming from the war in Ukraine and soaring inflationary pressures. He was addressing the 8th International Funds Summit and

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