Cypriot family in Sudan safe at home

A 10-member Cypriot family remain safe at their home in Khartoum during armed fighting in Sudan, the Foreign Ministry confirmed to CNA on Tuesday. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Theodoros Gotsis told CNA the family had


Nearly 7% work from home in Cyprus

The percentage of employees that work from home in the European Union has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic, including in Cyprus. During the COVID-19 crisis, many employed people were faced with changing

No dream home for Millennials

Cyprus’ Millennials and Generation Z struggle to make the dream of owning their home, forced to rent a roof over their head, in line with the European trend, argue real estate agents.


Add value to your home by renovating

Homes built 30-40 years ago need improvements to meet today’s standard of living, especially those ‘designer’ houses built to the owner’s specifications. This is particularly important if you want to sell it


State grants for EV home charging points

The Transport Ministry has announced a grant scheme to encourage the installation of solar-powered charging systems for plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. The cabinet on Wednesday approved of €1.5 mln scheme to