Cyprus delights in a dash of pink

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The first winter rain in Cyprus has also brought along with it, famous pink migratory birds visiting Larnaca’s salt lake where flamingos can now be spotted taking a well-earned rest.

Winter’s first flamingos arrived in Cyprus a few days ago at the Larnaca beauty spot in search of a warmer climate and food.

These seasonal flamboyant visitors have found refuge at the salt lake which has begun to fill with water again.

Other popular haunts are Limassol’s Akrotiri salt lake and Oroklini, Larnaca.

Every year thousands of migratory birds arrive in Cyprus and the Larnaca Salt Lake to spend the winter, but flamingos are the biggest attraction for bird lovers and sightseers.

The number of flamingos visiting Cyprus is expected to increase over the coming weeks, as long as it rains giving them somewhere they can feed better on brine shrimps.

Flamingos will stick around as long as there’s food or water in the lake.

They arrive from the wider Mediterranean region, many flock to Cyprus from Turkey in search of sustainable wetland, while others come from Sardinia, northern Italy and Iran.

Unlike other birds, flamingos don’t have any migratory patterns and generally roam high in the skies seeking favourable conditions to land.

That would explain how flamingos landed in Larnaca’s salt lake within days of it collecting water.