COVID19: Police rake in €2 mln from fines

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Some €2 mln in police fines for breaching COVID-19 rules have found their way to state coffers according to the Justice Ministry while another €2 mln in outstanding penalties has not been paid.

Answering a question posed by MP Anna Theologou, Justice Minister Emily Yiolitis said that as of March 2020, when measures started being imposed, up until 15 October some 13,300 fines were issued.

Out of these fines, only half, 6,603 have been paid, resulting in €1,997,875 being collected but a similar amount has not been settled.

According to Yiolitis, those who fail to pay their fine will be taken to court.

Some citizens have filed a court appeal, claiming that they were wrongfully cautioned.

Currently, people violating decrees issued based on the infectious disease law, either for not wearing a mask or breaking the curfew are fined €300 on-the-spot.

In the last 24 hours, Cyprus Police officers have carried out a total of 2,686 checks across the island reporting 51 citizens and three establishments, two in Paphos and one in Famagusta

One of the premises reported is a cafe in Paphos, which remained open after 8 pm while five people who were located at the premises engaging in illegal gambling activities.

Police said they had stopped 222 motorists who attempted to enter or exit Limassol and Paphos which are currently on lockdown, without the required documentation.