COVID19: Cypriots can travel freely to 16 EU countries

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Cypriots can travel freely to well over a dozen EU countries without having to quarantine on their entry or carry a negative coronavirus test after Ireland decided to keep Cyprus on its ‘safe list’.

Cyprus is just one of three EU member states to remain on Ireland’s ‘green list’ along with Finland, Latvia while Ireland also allows travellers from Liechtenstein, member of the Schengen Area and the European Economic Area.

According to the EU’s information website on travel requirements during the coronavirus pandemic for its member states, Cypriots can travel to a total of 16 EU countries.

Cypriots can fly freely to Denmark, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Sweden, Greece, and Italy.

Bulgaria and Croatia allow all visitors from the EU in without asking for a COVID-19 negative test or asking passengers to self-isolate.

Cypriots can also travel to Switzerland.

Estonia has banned flights from Cyprus since August, as it surpassed the limit set for new coronavirus cases.

It sets a ceiling of 16 (formerly 25) COVID-19 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the preceding 14 days; countries whose reported rates are higher see direct air links to and from Estonia forbidden.

Cyprus had 16.2 per 100,000 over the preceding 14 days, according to Estonia.

Cyprus on Monday reported 17 new coronavirus cases.

If a country accepts visitors from Cyprus it does not mean the policy is reciprocal.

Greece, which is a popular destination for Cypriots either for tourism or study purposes has Cypriot citizens in its safe list, but Cyprus has Greece in category B (test required).

Similarly, passengers coming from Ireland are required to present a negative coronavirus test before entry.

Meanwhile, Cyprus’ safe travel list has dwindled as there are now just eight countries from which travellers do not need to present a negative COVID-19 test to gain entry as Europe’s second wave grows.

Currently, just four EU countries are among the eight left in low-risk Category A (no test required) namely Germany, Finland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Cyprus also allows passengers from Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, and South Korea in without requesting a negative coronavirus test.