Cyprus issues ‘yellow warning’ for hot weather, continues to Thursday

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The Cyprus Department of Meteorology has issued an ‘extreme high temperature warning’ for Monday, with inland temperatures expected to soar past 40C between 1pm and 5pm, with the forecast remaining clear and hot up to Thursday.

The warning, the 40th issued by the Department this year for high temperatures, said that “the inland maximum temperature is expected to rise to around 40 degrees Celsius”.

Issuing the ‘yellow warning’, it said that “high temperatures are expected. Some health risks amongst vulnerable people, e.g. the elderly and very young are possible.”

The British Met Office weather station in Akrotiri said the weather would be “bright, sunny, warm. Cyprus summer continues. Breezier on coasts later today.”

People are advised to stay in the shade, avoid strenuous exercise outside, while vulnerable groups should remain indoors and keep cool. Work at open construction sites should cease during the afternoon.

Due to the higher than normal temperatures the Forestry Department has issued a red alert for fire risk in the tinder-dry countryside.

Temperatures on Monday will rise to 40°C inland, around 32°C along the west coast, 32°C on other coasts and around 31°C in the mountains.

Nighttime temperatures will dip to 22°C inland and the western coast, 24°C in other coastal areas and 20°C on higher ground.

The Cyprus met office said that the weather will remain “mainly clear and hot” on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“There will be a slight rise in temperature on Tuesday and will remain at the same levels on Wednesday and Thursday, which are above the average temperatures,” it said.