COVID19: No second wave but virus will linger

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There is no global second wave of coronavirus even though recorded cases worldwide are spiking, said a Cyprus government advisor on infection control.

European University assistant professor Constantinos Tsioutis, told CNA that on a global basis, we are still witnessing the first wave.

“What we will see happen over the next months is that the first wave will continue at the same rate. We hope that it will not be so fast,” said Tsioutis.

“However, it will continue into the Autumn. So, what we will probably see is a continuation of the current situation, because, otherwise, the second wave will mean a significant drop and then a new rise,” he added.

Tsioutis said that the situation globally is not encouraging and people should not be deceived by the good picture in Cyprus.

He said the virus had two characteristics that made it dangerous, its long incubation period and the percentage of asymptomatic cases while it is easily transmitted from one person to another.

He warned Cypriots shouldn’t behave as if the virus had vanished.

“We must understand that the virus is still out there, it is very easy for it to reappear and spread quickly.

People should, as much as possible, abide by protection measures in their daily lives and realise it will be like this for some time to come.”

Tsioutis said there may be a vaccine available early next year.

“A vaccine may be found but the issue is how easily available will it become…how many doses will be needed and how long will the immunity last.

We believe that the vaccines are the solution on a global scale, but we are not expecting them to be available soon…until Spring 2021 we will continue as we are now.”

He believes there will be further relaxations of restrictions in Cyprus especially for outdoor events, pointing out that hygiene protocols need to be observed.

“If the protocols are not observed, we should expect to see an increase.”

On the use of gloves, Tsioutis said they should not be obligatory unless required by specific professions that need to use them.

“Their use is not necessary. Distancing and hand hygiene are more important than wearing gloves. If the gloves are not used properly, they could be dangerous.” (source CNA)