COVID19: Cyprus launches more tests as gyms, malls open

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Cyprus Health Ministry on Monday launched another free testing scheme for employees who returned to work after lockdown restrictions were lifted allowing gyms and hotels to open.

A total of 10,000 employees at malls, catering establishments, hotels and gyms, are to undergo COVID-19 tests as part of government policy for wider testing among the general population.

The tests will be paid for by the government following a Cabinet decision on 3 June.

It follows similar testing schemes introduced when other sectors of the economy reopened under the gradual lifting of restrictions on free movement imposed to stem the spread of the virus.

The new scheme is for client-facing employees in businesses that resumed operation between 1-13 June.

More specifically it covers:

  1. Businesses/ venues which reopened on June 1 (stage two)



Archaeological and historical sites

Hotels and tourist accommodation

  1. Businesses/ venues which reopened on June 9 & 13 (phase three):

Shopping Malls

Catering establishments (indoors)


The government said that tests will be carried out island-wide and cover around 30% of employees from any given company based on its size.

Seventy employees will be tested from an operation with 150+ staff, 40 employees will be tested for premises with 100+ staff, 30 employees will be tested in premises with about 100 personnel.

The Health Ministry has said that employees, and not employers will bear the responsibility of booking an appointment to be tested, unlike previous testing schemes.