EU to discuss Turkey threats against Cyprus, Greece

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Following Turkey’s tension-raising activity in the East Med where it challenges the sovereignty of Cyprus and Greece, foreign ministers will meet to discuss EU-Ankara relations.

The issue of  EU-Turkey relations will be raised at the next EU Council of Foreign Ministers, following a request by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, said the EU’s security chief Josep Borrell.

Turkey’s maritime deal with Libya – that infringes on the territory of Cyprus and Greece – is escalating tensions in the region, forcing Athens to make the issue a priority at the next summit.

Borrell confirmed to the Cyprus News Agency that Dendias has sent written requests for the Turkey-EU relations to be top of the agenda when foreign ministers meet.

He also said that EU sanctions imposed against Turkey for its illegal drilling operations in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone can be applied for its actions in Greek waters.

Borrell said: “There is nothing new, the framework agreement exists, of course, it can be applied to the events you are referring to because they are part of the Eastern Mediterranean.”

“And about disputes between Greece and Turkey on territorial waters, I can`t say anything new…but the Greek Minister…sent a couple of letters asking the Council to focus on the issue of relations with Turkey.

The relationship with Turkey is also a complex one, it covers a lot of issues, we have been reaching out with Turkey for the Council on Foreign Relations, we have been talking, not formal negotiations, but the Council will have to engage on that.

In the next Council, after the request of the Greek government, this issue will be considered.”