Record growth in German property index, as demand continues to rise 

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Real estate prices in Germany have never, since the property price index began in 2004, increased as sharply as from 2019 to 2020, according to a new infographic from Kryptoszene.de, the cryptocurrency and investment news site.

Even though the number of residential listings decreased by up to 16.8% in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, Google search queries for real estate are actually at an all-time high, according to the news site.

There is high demand both for houses and apartments – likewise for both purchase and rental requests. The Google Trend Score, indicating relative search volume, is listed at the highest possible value of one hundred in all cases.

However, the infographics show that despite recent rises, investors are anticipating falling property prices. Possible insolvencies and a rise in unemployment could lead to a drop in residential property prices of up to 12%.

“The initial data suggest that the real estate sector seems to be coming out of the corona crisis in good shape,” observes cryptoscene analyst Raphael Lulay.

“However, this trend is by no means certain. Decreased purchasing power in the context of an impending recession could also impact real estate prices in the medium term”.