Polygon, Polkadot top crypto performers

February has been a rollercoaster ride for crypto traders, with market volatility leading to high levels of price uncertainty. But after a rough start to the month, many top cryptocurrencies bounced back,


Cryptoverse shrinks by 1,700 in a year

The total number of cryptocurrencies dropped by 1,700 year-over-year, falling to 8,704 as of last week, from an all-time high of almost 10,400 a year ago, according to data presented by BitcoinCasinos.com.


Increasingly pessimistic

By Craig Erlam European stock markets are poised for another weak open as much of Asia reopened on Tuesday to large declines. Asia is flashing red as it nears the close and


Cryptocurrency scam warning

Police have urged the public to be vigilant of their online transactions after a 49-year-old man reported he was scammed out of over €40,000 after receiving advice on social media from someone he

Confidence returns to Bitcoin

Bitcoin investors and traders were cheerful Tuesday as the prominent cryptocurrency maintained its price near $22,000 for the first time since June. The Bitcoin price has settled above the $21,500 resistance zone,


Damage control

By Jeffrey Halley  New York had another tumultuous session overnight, dominated by noise from the crypto sector where (un)stable coins continued to suffer from untethering. Either the crypto noise was pushing equities


Bitcoin dip is a buying opportunity

Bitcoin dipping to a three-month low is seen by investors as a buying opportunity because the cryptocurrency has just reached a landmark moment in becoming adopted as a significant currency, according to

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