We need to embrace failure

We don’t celebrate failure properly. Someone who has failed is someone who has tried, quite unlike those who sit on the sidelines and criticise. Failure has to do with encouraging and celebrating


Property lifestyle changes

Like many other things, most of our living requirements are changing, and they now seem to have a noticeable circle. A young couple starts with acquiring an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms, then,


Cyprus lacks Mykonos wow factor

Celebrity name-branding or owning property in a certain location can impact real estate prices. Mykonos is becoming more popular among celebrities in recent years. An island of just 30,000 people in winter


New luxury hotel earmarked for Larnaca

Once-neglected, Larnaca is attracting new investments in tourism development with another upscale hotel project destined on the seafront near the airport. S & H Parayialia Estates Ltd announced plans to build a

Dealing with estate agents is tricky

Cyprus has the Estate Agents Law, which regulates most matters related to the industry, but people coming from different countries have their national system in mind, which, at times, creates confusion. Finding

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