Creating quality office space

Subject to minimum acceptable standards, I am often asked whether the quality of an office matters in terms of attracting business. Before we answer this question, there are some important basic requirements


Can’t buy, unable to rent

Increased mortgage rates have dashed dreams of owning a home, leaving many in a catch-22 situation as rents are rising, exceeding what families pay in monthly instalments for a housing loan. Interest


Mortgage-to-rent to get go ahead

Brussels hinted at approval for the mortgage-to-rent scheme for distressed borrowers, urging Cypriot authorities to create a company dedicated to managing it. The European Commission’s Directorate-General of Competition has instructed the Ministry


Protecting your property

Although Cyprus is considered a safe country and perhaps the safest in the EU, the real estate market has begun to pay increased attention to security, which increases the value of a


Can we trust title deeds?

I want to share with you the various complaints that we receive, which concern the extent of the described properties on the titles of plots of land and fields. Until recently, I


Real estate sector thriving

Foreign investors have not lost their appetite for Cypriot properties, nor are they discouraged by a rise in interest rates, as sales doubled in the third quarter of 2022, compared to last

Scary Nicosia rents

These are scary times for families living in rented accommodation in the capital, as rents for a two-bedroom flat average more than the national minimum wage. Renting a two-bedroom flat of 80

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