Cypriots warm to online property auctions

Online auctions of properties once-owned by banks through debt-to-asset swaps are taking off in Cyprus as property management firms see their digital sales grow during the pandemic. A private online platform, BidX1,


Size matters when buying an apartment

There is great confusion regarding the size of apartments and how this is measured in Cyprus. Each group or developer use their own methodology of calculation, so the unsuspecting buyer does not


Property sales figures can lie

By Pavlos Loizou When the Department of Lands and Surveys released data on sales contracts for January, it struck me the numbers and percentages were presented without analysis, indicating the beginning of


Planning permission needs re-think

Due to the reform and restructuring of municipalities and local authorities, there is great debate on which should be the competent authority for issuing building and planning permits. This subject ought to


Slaying the common expenses monster

You must be aware of the problems that are created by the unworkable law regarding common expenses and administration of multiple ownership buildings. In addition to the law, the non-payment of the

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