COVID19: Baby boy born to infected mother tests negative

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A baby boy born to a mother infected with COVID-19 has tested negative for the virus and is in excellent health with no symptoms so far, Head of Paediatrics at Makarios Hospital, Avraam Elia, told the CNA.

He clarified that the baby boy will stay at the Nicosia children’s hospital for seven days and will undergo another test.

If the next one comes back negative, then the boy will be discharged.

He will be able to come into contact with his mother if her two consecutive tests also come back negative.

The first test was negative and on Saturday they will run another one that will determine if she can see her baby boy.

Another 3-months-old infant who tested positive is being treated at Makarios Hospital.

Dr Elia said there’s no other confirmed COVID-19 case that had to be treated at the Hospital.

During the day, they are expecting the results for three more children who are treated at the special ward. Two more children were tested negative.