COVID-19 changed European economics

During the Eurozone crisis, Germany imposed its philosophy of strict austerity on addressing the structural economic problems in the Eurozone. Furthermore, the architecture of the Eurozone was faulty, as was pointed out


Hellenic Bank H1 profits up 19%

Hellenic Bank announced a 19% increase in first half profits to €21 mln, from €17.7 mln in the same period last year, with the Group chief executive describing it as “solid performance”.


‘No vaccine, no entry’

With the spread of coronavirus getting out of hand, the government and business community conflict with health experts, who want harsher measures re-introduced before the situation becomes a thunderstorm. The administration, under


Surviving the day after COVID-19

The day after the pandemic will be more challenging for countries and their economies than fighting the COVID-19 outbreak with technology-shy Cyprus especially struggling, experts told the Financial Mirror. Economists said the

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