COVID19: Divided Cyprus has more than 200 cases

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COVID-19 cases in divided Cyprus have exceeded 200 after Turkish Cypriot authorities confirmed another two new cases in the north bringing the number there to 58, while the Republic has reported 146.

According to the Turkish Cypriot “health minister” Ali Pilli, a total of 645 diagnostic tests were carried out in the occupied areas which yielded 58 positive results.

Of these, 26 are Turkish Cypriots, 31 are German nationals and one is from Turkmenistan.

The 31 Germans were part of a group of tourists who arrived earlier this month via Tymbou airport (Ercan).

Pilli, criticised Turkish Cypriot media for reporting cases before they are officially announced, causing confusion over the real number of COVID-19 infections.

A 65-year-old female German tourist was the first coronavirus case in the north earlier this month, who reportedly was patient zero among the group.

Following the diagnosis of the first case, the group was put in quarantine at a Famagusta hotel where the virus spread to the majority and has also infected staff who were living there.

Three of the hotel staff tested positive, as fears rose that the virus may have spread to police officers guarding the hotel.

Five drivers of buses used for transporting the Germans were not tested for the virus.

Meanwhile, the condition of two German tourists, aged 80 and 90, has worsened, they are now being treated at an Intensive Care Unit in north Nicosia. They have been put on ventilators.

According to the Turkish Cypriot health authorities, 29 patients, all Germans, have been discharged while and 28 people are receiving treatment at a public hospital in north Nicosia.