COVID-19: Divided Cyprus has 133 cases as north goes into lockdown

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Turkish Cypriot authorities reported three new cases of coronavirus, bringing up the number of cases in the north of Cyprus to 38 while north goes into lockdown.

Some 31 cases involve German tourist who came to the island as part of a 39-strong tour group, via the Ercan (Tymbou) airport in the Turkish occupied north.

Divided Cyprus has registered 133 coronavirus cases after the Republic also reported that another 11 people have been infected on Sunday, bringing numbers of infected people to 95.

Members of the tourist group who do not appear to have contracted the virus will be sent back to Germany on Tuesday.

Media sources in the north told the Financial Mirror that Turkish Cypriot authorities had attempted to send the group back earlier, but Germany said they would not allow them in.

The other seven cases involve Turkish Cypriots, an indication that community transmission of the novel coronavirus is present in the north.

The first Turkish Cypriot to be infected had travelled from the UK to Larnaca, he then passed it on to his wife.

Three of the cases are believed to have come in contact with this couple.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot authorities have declared a curfew with inhabitants in the north only allowed to leave their house to shop for essentials, which includes food and medicine, petrol, visiting a doctor or a hospital, or going to the bank.

The ban excludes the public services and armed forces, and people who work in sectors offering essential services such as health, internet and gas delivery as well as farmers.

A decree issued earlier last week closing cafes and restaurants has been expanded to include the hotel sector, picnic areas and gyms.