Cyprus support for murdered UK MP

Cyprus House Speaker Annita Demetriou has sent a message of condolence and support to the UK parliament after the tragic killing of MP Sir David Amess. In her message, Demetriou said the


A trip behind the Brexit curtain

The travel environment in a post-Covid world is a taxing experience of form filling, testing, and checking the category of the country you are flying to. If you are a traveller to


UK troops relive Kabul airlift

Cyprus-based troops from the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment played their part in the dangerous evacuation of more than 12,000 British nationals and entitled Afghans out of Afghanistan last month. Approximately 100

UK-Cyprus trade in Brexit pickle

Some 60,000 British expats in Cyprus are tasting the bitter side of the UK exiting the European Union as they fall victim to Brexit red tape. Choosing to live out their retirement


UK’s largest warship docks in Cyprus

On Wednesday, Britain’s largest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth docked in Cyprus as she spearheads the largest UK peacetime deployment in a generation, Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21). Over the coming days, the

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