US, UK seek assistance in sanction-busting cases

Authorities are busy investigating cases of Cypriot firms facilitating asset transfers for sanctioned Russian oligarchs, with the UK and US requesting judicial assistance. Following the damning ‘Cyprus Confidential’ leaks, some eight requests

Cyprus cat COVID reaches UK

Scientists have found that a coronavirus strain that has killed at least 8,000 cats in Cyprus has spread to the UK. A cat brought to the UK from the Mediterranean island was


British Airways, EasyJet boost UK flights

Tourism boss Costas Koumis has welcomed increased air connectivity with its biggest market, the UK after British Airways and EasyJet announced plans to expand their flight schedule to Cyprus. EasyJet announced two

UK thanks Cyprus for evacuation help

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has personally thanked President Nikos Christodoulides for offering Cyprus as a safe transfer hub for UK nationals evacuating Israel after the Hamas attacks. They spoke over the phone


UK Bases arrests for bird trapping, poaching

A Greek Cypriot man from Xylophagou faces fines of up to €6,000 following his arrest for possessing active mistnets and protected Ambelopoulia (black caps) stored frozen in his home refrigerator. Sovereign Base

Flights to UK running normally

Flights from Larnaca and Paphos to the UK are carried out smoothly, said Maria Kouroupi, senior manager at airports operator Hermes. She told CAN: “Following the problem that occurred on Monday with


UK says Nicosia cleaning up its act

British High Commissioner Irfan Siddiq said Cyprus has a consensus to enforce sanctions against Russia to restore its reputation, but the Turkish-occupied north is a money laundering blackspot. He said while questions on

UK bases conduct sea-safety checks

The British Bases Police conducted a three-day seashore campaign at Lady’s Mile and Curium Beach, leading to the arrest of one individual, multiple fixed penalties and written cautions. During the campaign –

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