Syrian people smugglers jailed by UK bases

Syrian members of an organised crime group attempting to smuggle Middle Eastern and African nationals into Cyprus through the British Bases have been jailed for a combined three years. Two Syrian nationals

UK bases marine unit saves family

A father and his two sons were rescued from the water off Ormidhia by British Bases Police Marine Unit after their boat broke free of its anchor and drifted away. Bases police

Corruption watchdog appoints UK lead investigators

Two UK-based legal experts are tasked with helping authorities investigate corruption allegations involving high-ranking officials, while the watchdog authority says Cypriot applicants were unwilling to probe local officials. The Independent Authority Against

MOODYS: UK house prices to fall 10%

Persistently high inflation and the recent spike in lending rates will trigger a correction in the UK housing market, a Moody’s analysis predicts. “We expect a decline of up to 10% in

Cyprus-UK conduct air defence drill

The air defence drill “Aphrodite Shield” was carried out with the participation of the Air Defence Units of Cyprus Air Command and UK aircraft of the Royal Air Force. According to the