UK bases conduct sea-safety checks

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The British Bases Police conducted a three-day seashore campaign at Lady’s Mile and Curium Beach, leading to the arrest of one individual, multiple fixed penalties and written cautions.

During the campaign – Operation Jetstream – a total of 22 boats were checked, and a 36-year-old Israeli male living in Limassol is now awaiting a court date after he was arrested for operating a jet ski without a power boat licence and the owner’s consent.

A further eight fixed penalties and 12 written cautions were issued for seashore and traffic violations.

The operation was conducted with the Akrotiri Area Office and the Environmental Department.

It will run all summer as the SBA Police look to ensure the safety of the thousands of sea bathers visiting the popular beach area.

Chief Inspector Tony Demetriou, currently leading operations at the SBA Police in Akrotiri, said: “We urge people who are visiting these areas to be aware of and act in accordance with laws and regulations in an effort to maximise the safety of people visiting the areas.”