Arrest in Turkish Cypriot mob boss hit

One person was reportedly apprehended Wednesday and a manhunt is underway in the occupied north to find the killers of Turkish Cypriot casino owner and alleged mob boss, Halil Falyali. Falyali, 64,

Turkish Cypriot civil society granted €2.5 mln

The European Commission issued 12 grants worth €2.5 mln to support Turkish Cypriot civil society organisations in promoting EU values and creating a fertile environment for dialogue and cooperation with Greek Cypriots.

Turkish Cypriot EU halloumi woes

Turkish Cypriot cheesemakers say they have been squeezed out, as the island’s iconic cheese halloumi comes under the shield of the European Union as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).


Top Turkish Cypriot politician denies sex tape

The Turkish Cypriot ruling coalition leader, Ersan Saner, has denied involvement in a ‘sex tape’ making the rounds on social media, claiming he has been set up. Saner’s National Unity Party (UBP)