First Turkish Cypriot halloumi PDO breaks barriers

The European Commission has awarded the first PDO certificate to Turkish Cypriot Halloumi producers, with the Agriculture Ministry welcoming the development as proof that equal benefits are ensured for all producers. Turkish

Turkish Cypriot pro-solution powers revival

Local election results in the north have signalled that pro-solution powers are alive and kicking, as opposition parties overwhelmingly won the majority of mayorships, analysts said. The social democrat Republican Turkish Party

Turkish Cypriot journalist takes on Turkey

Outspoken Turkish Cypriot journalist Şener Levent hopes for a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling in his case against Turkey that “will strengthen the principle of freedom of expression”. In statements to the Cyprus

11 more days in jail for peace activist

Andreas Soudjis, a Greek Cypriot peace activist held in the Turkish-occupied north on suspicion of espionage, will remain in jail for eleven more days after being convicted to one month in prison