Drivers leave road tax until last minute

Cypriot motorists, true to their culture as islanders, have left their obligation to pay their road tax until the last minute, before the deadline expires on 11 March. As reported by the

Police confirm lowest road death tally

Cyprus recorded the lowest number of road deaths in 2022 since the establishment of the Republic in 1960, according to the police. With 2022 now over, Cyprus traffic police confirmed 37 deaths

New scooter law unworkable

Last month, a law regulating the use of electric scooters is not expected to have any practical effect, as a lack of infrastructure and communication with the public render legislation redundant. As

Road death toll worsens

Fatal accidents are rising this year, with 13 people losing their lives on Cyprus roads, increasing 62.5% compared to the same period last year when eight died. The latest victim was a

Unregistered luxury cars allowed on the roads

Many luxury cars are on Cyprus’ roads on temporary license plates without being registered, with the state losing thousands of euros in registration fees and road tax. According to a Politis daily,

Nicosia-Palaichori road gets €73 mln upgrade

Work will get underway next year to improve the Nicosia-Palaichori road. This project will boost development in the nearby communities of the Pitsillia region, according to Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos. Speaking at