Hit a pothole? Report it on FixCyprus

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Cypriot motorists, tired of driving into potholes with their vehicles, can now alert the authorities of any problems on the roads via an online application suitably dubbed FixCyprus.

The app, designed by the Cyprus Centre for Research and Excellence (Kios) under the University of Cyprus, allows people to report problems, including potholes, broken traffic lights, damage, and vandalism, directly to authorities.

According to the Transport Ministry, some 2,500 users have downloaded the app, filing some 300 complaints.

So far, authorities have acted on the first 5% of reports filed since being launched last week.

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos said the goal is to improve the quality of road safety, personally vouching that the authority will be tackling reports filed.

He added that the appropriate state services would investigate each claim, including the electricity authority (EAC), the waterboard, telecom companies, and other government authorities.

People reporting issues will also have to provide a picture of the problem and a detailed description.

The minister said that all state authorities had been informed of the app, and staff responding to reports have been trained.

“Road safety concerns us all, and I am particularly happy with the launch of the FixCyprus application and the availability of the mobile phone application on download platforms.

“This way, we can all, motorists, bikers, cyclists, pedestrians or even residents, contribute towards making our roads safer,” said Karousos.

The minister said his ministry would be working on legislation to improve road safety and the island’s road network quality.

Karousos said that the ministry has already gone ahead with actions to increase road safety levels, including awareness campaigns and grant schemes for protective equipment for motorcycle users.

The app is available from the Play store or the Apple store.