Nicosia free bus ride shunts 400 cars off roads

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The free Nicosia bus shuttle from the GSP stadium to the central station in the heart of the capital is achieving its goal of reducing congestion, especially with so many road works diverting traffic and creating bottlenecks.

Alexandros Kamberos, business development manager at the Nicosia and Larnaca buses operator Cyprus Public Transport, told CyBC radio that since the “Pame Express Park & Ride” scheme was introduced in September, some 22,000 commuters have used the bus.

The scheme takes advantage of the dedicated bus lanes created from the GSP stadium and leading into Nicosia via Limassol and Makarios Avenue before terminating at Solomou Square.

Kamberos said an additional itinerary is being added, resulting in a bus departing every 12 minutes during peak hours, down from 15 minutes earlier.

The shuttle begins at 6.30 am, and the last bus back to the GSP leaves central Nicosia at 6 pm.

“With people parking their cars in the west lot of the GSP stadium, we have saved on about 400 car rides in and out of the capital every day,” Kamberos said.


The “Pame Express” free bus ride is subsidised by the government to increase mobility and reduce car emissions.

Maltese-owned CPT also introduced a fleet of electric urban buses in July to help towards sustainable and greener public transport efforts.

The five new Yutong Chinese electric buses are fully accessible, 12-metre long, with a maximum capacity of 85 passengers, including priority seats and a wheelchair area.

These electric buses can operate from morning to evening on a single daily charge.

They are air-conditioned and equipped with 5G Wi-Fi, closed circuit surveillance cameras and USB chargers, with no engine noise or vibration.

CPT, a Malta Lines and Kapnos Airport Shuttle consortium holds the license to operate bus services until 2030.