Drivers leave road tax until last minute

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Cypriot motorists, true to their culture as islanders, have left their obligation to pay their road tax until the last minute, before the deadline expires on 11 March.

As reported by the Road Transport Department, just half of Cypriot motorists have paid the road tax for the first half of the year for the more than 700,000 vehicles on Cyprus’ roads.

In comments to Phileleftheros daily, an official of the Road Transport Department said the owners of just 383,000 vehicles had paid their road tax.

“In addition to those in force the previous year, others are hitting the roads again after a period of immobilisation, as well as the new registrations.

“So far, the road tax for 383,000 cars has been submitted. We are at about 50%.

“This means that until now, we have collected around €43 mln in tax,” said the official.

Those who fail to pay their road tax before the deadline on 11 March have to pay a €10 fine, plus 10% on the value of the road tax.

“So if the road tax due is €100, then the owner must pay the €10 fine plus 10% on the value of the road tax, bringing the total up to €120”.

Vehicle owners can pay the road tax in instalments, as the Road Transport Department offers the option to pay for three months, six months, and nine months.

Based on last year’s data, motorists, albeit late in paying, 85% preferred to pay the road tax in full for the year, while just 10% and 5% went for the six-month and three-month options.

The official said that the vast majority (92%) paid online.

People can also pay their road tax at Citizen Service Centres and the district offices of the Road Transport Department.

The authority reminded motorists that to be able to pay their road tax, their vehicle must have a valid roadworthiness test (MOT).