COVID19: Cyprus soon to lift last of restrictions

Cyprus will soon be lifting the last COVID restrictions, as authorities are encouraged by a significant drop in daily cases and hospitalisations, according to Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantela. In comments to the

COVID19: Many restrictions now removed

Cyprus has eased most of its COVID-19 restrictions from Monday with a mask mandate for outdoor facilities scrapped, while a Safe Pass is no longer required for work or shopping. People wanting

COVID19: Restrictions eased for unvaccinated

Encouraged by a decrease in COVID-19 patients in hospitals, the government decided to relax measures, including a ban on unvaccinated people, prohibiting them from social events. After two months, unvaccinated people will

COVID19: Too early to lift restrictions

It is too early to lift Covid-19 restrictions as although daily cases have stabilised they are still high at around 3,000, said virologist and government advisor Dr Petros Karayiannis He told the

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