COVID19: Restrictions on social gatherings loom

Cyprus is expected to tighten COVID-19 measures amid an Omicron surge, just days after introducing new rules, with further restrictions on social gatherings and nightclubs. President Nicos Anastasiades has called a meeting

COVID19: Tighter restrictions not ruled out

Cyprus may have avoided a fourth lockdown as the government tightened COVID-19 rules, but stricter measures may soon be imposed as Omicron fuels record infections. New Year’s Eve celebrations will be muted

COVID19: Bracing for stricter measures

Cyprus is bracing for stricter measures to control the spread of Covid-19 that hit two successive records in two days, with the cabinet holding an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon to consider a

COVID19: Cyprus rolls back more restrictions

Cyprus’ improved COVID-19 data has encouraged authorities to lift some restrictions earlier than planned, including birthday parties at play centres and shortening the curfew for wedding parties from Friday. A Health Ministry